Army and its recruits

What do you guys think of this article:


GiGotti78- Well, first of all, it is obviously spun with the popular vote in America that we should not be in Iraq and should pull out. I say that because although it points out different sources and has fancy calculations to back up the point they are trying to make, it is still askewed. A Soldier is a Soldier and not all people do well at tests. Also, depending on your score on these tests are your choices for jobs in the Army. Someone who is a Category IV won't be able to get a job in the Military Intelligence field but will probably have choices of maybe a cook, truck driver, and of course Infantry. I credit the writer of that story because he makes for a good argument but unfortunately, he is an MSM wannabe so trying to argue this point would be a waste of breath. I personally dont give this story too much weight or merit.

Mr. Matt- First off I'm not a smart soldier. Seriously. When I came in and I took the test that is spoken of in this article I was only given a few jobs to choose from. Truck driver, Infantry, Fueler, Cook, basically simple jobs for the military not requireing alot of knowledge. IMO if you have enough of an attention span to fire a rifle and keep your head down Welcome Aboard! I initally came in as an Infantry Men. While I was on active duty I decided that infantry wasn't for me and I wanted to change my MOS which required me to raise my test scores. I was in a course for 2 weeks at 10 hours a day. I took the test and raised my scores just enough to be able to get the job that I was after. If the government wants to let drop outs join or the 'not smart' people let them. There will be less crime, a stronger military, and more jobs on the civilian side for the people that are unable to join due to medical issues. Welcme to the military the organized prison system. Here you will get paid, fed, and given a place to live. By the way here is your liscence to kill but, your only allowed to do it when we say you can.


Susan said...

Since when is a high school diploma a symbol of intelligence? I would wager that most of congress has one...

Jetting Through Life said...

Thank you for the insight guys. I thought this article was a bit one-sided. It was on MSN's homepage and I thought it brought down the moral of our US Soldiers. We all have a place in the military... Some may be better off in the kitchen, while others may be better off as snipers. It takes all of you to make up the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force...

Thank you, men!


Oh, and I just love your renter!! :o)