Christmas and Mail

1. Once a soldier is deployed to and reaches Iraq, how long does the processing take and generally how long is it before they have an address where they can receive mail or contact family back in the US?
2. What will Christmas be like for the deployed soldiers?
3. What type of housing is set up for the soldiers? In other words, what are the living arrangements for the average soldier?
I have tons more questions, but won't bombard you with them all at once. Again, any info at all is greatly appreciated.
Dariana, Military Mom

GiGotti78- We had our address to where we were going before we left the states. Our address even changed while we were in Kuwait and we got the update while there so we could get it to family and friends. But their are factors also involved. If they are Active Duty and whisked right into country, it would take a little longer to get or if they are Reservists and had a short train up all can play a role. As for how Christmas will be, Im hoping quiet. The chow halls will have a nice meal for us and Im sure they will be playing Christmas music to lighten the mood. I just hope it comes and goes because that's one more day down. Like in our last post, our living arrangements are better than I could have expected. Mr. Matt explains them perfectly in our last post. Also, dont worry about bombarding us with questions. The more asked, the more answered, the more truth gets out.

Mr. Matt- Well GiGotti78 summed up most of that answer. Though I know for myself I diden't give my address to my family until I got to where I was going just because I felt that I diden't need a bunch of stuff the second I got here. Though there is usually an opertunity (if you want to wait at times upwards to 3 hours) to make a phone call or use the internet. You can still contact home but mission and time always plays a role in that event. Ahhh Christmas... I hate holidays away from home. Some soldiers will have to work others will have time off but it's generally boring and it would be much better if the military diden't actually observe holidays around here cause it builds depression and home sickness in some soldiers. I haven't slept right in over a week and my appitite decreased a little. So I know it's that time of year. Housing has been answered previously. Though it could be a trailer, a building, a tent. The military makes sure that you the soldier is heated and/or cooled for the most part.

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ladydaria said...

Thanks for the info. My son did call from Kuwait and the wait for the phone was like 2.5 hours. He had been given an addy before leaving the states but was issued a different one upon reaching Kuwait.

As one of you stated, his Christmas wish is "that things stay quiet".

Merry Christmas guys and thanks for the answers.