Will we miss this place?

When you get back to America, what will you miss most about Iraq?

What's your favorite memory?


GiGotti78- Well Sheila, considering I am only at the halfway point, this is a tough question(s) to answer at this time. I really do not see myself missing Iraq per se, but the impressions of what I have been through here will carry for a lifetime. Being in a place as hostile as this has lasting effects, some good and some bad. I think we will have to re-visit these questions as we get closer to our departure and come home. I can tell you I WONT miss the heat!

Mr.Matt- There is only one thing that I will miss about Iraq though I can see it else where. The stary night sky. Clear, no clouds, very little light around you. You can see almost the entire galaxy. But other then that I won't miss a single thing. Come to think of it I won't even miss the night sky I'll have that at home too. I might be a little insentisive but that's just how it is. Chances are when I get home I probally won't talk about Iraq unless asked about it.

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