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I came across this article and found it very disturbing. I am curious if you feel there is any truth to it, or if it perhaps it was one of those polls worded in such a way to solicit a desired response. Or perhaps just the media going at it again. Have you notice a change in attitude toward President Bush by the troops? And if so, does it have more to do with the way the war is being executed? If this is something you do not feel you can discuss—I understand.


The article about the military poll can be found here: http://www.breitbart.com/news/2006/01/02/060102234337.if0cb0yj.html

GI Gotti78- I personally dont believe in polls. Their are too many factors involved when doing a poll that the end result is never good no matter who the poll is in favor of. When you do a poll on the military, their is also emotional factors you got to take in effect. If you ask a soldier how he feels about President Bush or the war after coming off a patrol where they were atacked with and IED or they watched a buddy get wounded, how do you think they are going to respond? So anytime I see a poll that has the word military in it, I just discard it has trash.

Mr. Matt - I have to agree with GIGotti on this one. Cause even depending on my mood of that moment I may choose differently.


Jetting Through Life said...

I don't agree with polls either... They are just people making an ass of themselves not realizing the reality of anything. Our troops are "Over There" fighting for our country whether you like it or not. It is a shame that lives are lost, but that is the price we all pay. These soldiers’ young and old know what they are signing up for and I commend every single one of them. It takes big balls to be in there shoes. Unless we have walked a mile in theirs, I will never have a bad thought or comment to any of our soldiers.

Same goes for polls about Bush... He won over Kerry he's in office for another 4 years, get over it. And remember he's human too and trying to make decisions for an entire nation.

Thank you Matt and Gig!!


Jacq said...

Happy New Year, Guys...

I don't think that political polls serve any purpose for our soldiers serving and fighting in a war. I don't think it's the most appropriate thing to do, that is, discuss political issues with our soldiers who are in harm's way. Besides, it isn't going to change anything. Bush has another two years in. We have to live with it, whether we like the guy or not.

I saw something on C-Span that actually surprised me. I have heard a lot of unfavorable things said about Bush on C-Span by former military members of all branches who had either recently gotten out and had served a few deployments in Iraq or had been out for a while. But my point is that it seems like a luxury to me to take part in any type of *poll* while we have our soliders in harm's way, don't ya think?

texasbunch said...

Cudos to Maria for that great question! And way to answer guys!
My exoerience with those taking polls us that the majority have never experienced war,military life, or any other such sceen. By and large these individual word their "polls" squed to their own biased outlook!

Guppyman said...

Poll question:

Would you say that President Bush is the greatest thing since sliced bread, Master of all things in this country and around the world, can walk on water & has 100% support from everybody?

Newspaper headline from the answers:

Support for Bush plumments.

It's all in what is asked...

I hate the way most polls are taken anyway... The poll taker has a conclusion, then frames his questions to support that conclusion.

Jacq said...

Guppyman, that is SO TRUE!!!

selsine said...

Maybe the polls are correct? Is it so hard to imagine that support for Bush would drop in the Military?

Why wouldn't Bush's approval rating in the military mirror that of the rest of the country?

Granted most polls are crap...

Guppyman said...

Why Selsine? Mostly due to the fact that everybody I have talked to in the military believes in their mission and their CIC.

And I also don't think polls of "the rest of the country" are that accurate either....

If they ever do a poll with straight questions, I'd be a lot more likely to believe it- but that doesn't happen.

November 2004 was a real poll... And you see the results of that one.... Bush won. :)

Chandira said...

I have a question.

I consider myself a liberal, and we get a lot of crap about liberals being 'unpatriotic' and such.
We're not, we just want the soldiers to come home for their sakes.. To us, being 'liberal' is how we care, and being patriotic is about making sure all our soldiers are not out there for the wrong reasons.. We don't want you guys getting shot and blown up!! We want you back at home.
Seems in the US there's a 'civil war' going on between left and right. I don't want to partake in that particular war either.
I know some people feel war is necessary, and I'm not one to say it is or isn't in all cases, and I don't know enough facts about this war in Iraq to make judgements, but all I can do is trust my gut reaction which says it's wrong, or at least it's turned into something wrong, politically. I don't trust the tv not to be unbiased and with no propaganda. I don't trust the media on is telling the US people the truth about this war, or that it's telling you soldiers the truth either.

I wondered what your thoughts were.

Great blog! :-)

Matt said...

This ia a great idea for a blog. Its so wonderful to hear from the people who really see it and live it. I also found another website to support our troops. I posted a link to Ask A Soldier from my blog

John said...

Poll results ARE in fact a good measure of whatever they are asking. To sumarily dismiss them is the very definition of ignorance. Granted, one must view them in context and know exactly what was asked but they are the most accurate information available on public opinion. To simply state that they are inaccurate and skewed is a foolish way of trying to protect one's own false concepts. Accurate information is available to all those who would seek it. Only the ignorant will stick to their preconceived ideas and shut out all that disagrees with them. Find out what is true by checking facts (which include polls) don't just state your own biases repeatedly and hope that your obstinance will change the truth to suit you.

Jacq said...

Good points, Chadira and John! Very very good!

And yes, just like Guppyman said, the military believes in their missions, from those he has spoken to. We must respect that. Expressing opposition on this blog isn't going to change the fact that you guys are there. But whatever the mission and the goals of the mission, I hope we are able to realistically achieve those goals and get you guys home, or at least, most of you.

The Soldiers said...


You have made some interesting points. I do not trust the media for that fact that the media swings with the popular majority of how America feels and feeds them what they want to hear and vice versa. It has become a double edged sword. I don't disagree that politically the administration did not handle the events in Iraq correctly and thus, clouding the events that go one that much more.

"I don't trust the media on is telling the US people the truth about this war, or that it's telling you soldiers the truth either." Their is no real truth that the media is hiding from us. We are the ones day in and day out completing the missions at hand. However the media wants to portray these events and portray them to the public is purely on them. We see what is going on and don't need the media to tell us. I appreciate your comments and look forward to many more.

SGT Capozzi aka GiGotti78