Where do they come from?

In reading news releases from CentCom.mil (yea, I read it straight from
the source - how right wing is THAT?) over and over there are stories about
all these weapons caches found and destroyed (hooray for our guys!)

Where do all the weapons come from?

Are they left over from Sadaam's reign of terror?
Smuggled over the border from a neighboring "friend?"


Dalene Barnes

GiGotti78- The weapons come from anywhere you can imagine, well except Weapon-Mart. Just
like in America, smuggling of illegal items happens everyday. Before Iraq's borders were
tightened down by US and coalition forces, insurgents were able to smuggle any and everything
they wanted to. Some of the weapons caches that are found are old and were probably weapons
from the Saddam era. Some caches have weapons that you can tell are from outside places
due to types and markings. But everytime they create a cache, you can bet we are going to
find it and destroy it.


Personal Diatribes said...

I always buy my weapons at Weapons Mart. They are cheao and made in China.

thosegoldfishes said...

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Jetting Through Life said...


SethIsRoot said...

Haha "tightened down". There is nothing tight about the borders of Iraq. I could sneak a brigade sized mech unit through without setting off any warnings. Give me a break.


www.loial.co.uk said...

Probably supplied by the U.S in the days when they thought Saddam was a good guy(or bad but on their side).

Jenn of the Jungle said...


More like Russia. Or Russian Weapon-Mart.

Dianna"sugarburgertx"Melson said...

Just wanted ti say thanks for what you guys are doing and be carefull.

Complicated Mama said...

What a great blog! So many of us have so many questions!... Its great you take the time to answer them :)

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C-ali said...

I'm currently writing a song for our brave and strong troops in Iraq. I know that you guys have alot on your plate, and I just wanted to know some of the specific problems/issues that you deal with daily so I have accurate writing... C-ali

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