Do we see progress in Iraq?

How do the Iraqi people respond to the American Soldier's presence?

What kind of progress to you see in Iraq?


Gigotti78- Well, Kristi, as far as how do ppl respond to us, they seem to warm up to us as each passing day. They now realize that we are not here for any other reason but for their independence and for them to be able to be free and have a voice. We as soldiers, reach out to the Iraqi people every chance we get to show them our gratitude. Now, progress, I was waiting for this question....this is a fun question. If you just read the daily paper and watch the MSM, you would think that we are losing this war on terror and that we are making no progress whatsoever. I say BULLSHIT! Everyday that passes we make progress. We are training the Iraqi soldiers and police forces so that they can deal with this insurgency and the normal problems of a country. We are handing over more and more of their country to them so that they can root out the evil and we kinda watch them, like a big brother. This past October, they had an election to vote for their constitution. Like I said in an earlier post, and I will keep saying to the whole world realizes this, 65% of their eligible population turned out to vote yes or no. 65%!!! Try getting that turn out in a western civlization country. That screams progress. These people are basking in what freedom can do for them and their families. As each day passes, progress is made, no matter how miniscule or major, whether it is political or humanitarian, progress is made...

Mr. Matt - I have explained in the previous answer that mostly all Iraqi citizens like having us here for example the waving hello as opposed to the finger. Yet, most of them understand that we are here for them not against them. As for the progress part.... If the Liberal media diden't look for all of the minor flaws that pop up and then flaunt them everyone would see that progress is being made. Plain and Simple. We are helping then build schools and hospitals, training there law enforcement and troops, and helping those in need with supplies and medical care. So according to the media were getting blown up all the time and being very unproductive. That is bullshit. They (the media) should pull their heads out of their asses and focus on the real deal not bashing the President and his political party.


QueenBitch said...

It is sad that the accomplishments in nation-building isn't shown more in the press, for sure. Just a thought on the idea that military personnel themselves aren't making progress: I think that much of the criticism from here in the US is only aimed at the guys who planned the war...and much of the criticism is out of concern for those of you who are actually fighting it. I hate getting political about it, but from the perspective of one here at home, we just want to know that there is a definate plan that provides the support you need while accomplishing the "goals" that were given to us at the outset.

Anyway...just wanted to give a liberal tree-hugger's voice here. The troops are supported, and we (the people I know, anyway) just want to keep up the checks and balances to make sure that the military isn't used recklessly.

Peace and take care. Love your blog.

Goose said...

Thanks guys, keep up the great work and commentary. Come home safe, Hoohah

Kristi said...

Thank you so much for your response! I really wish more people could see what the progress you are seeing. Many people are only believing what the msm is putting out there. I am proud that our country is trying to share the freedom that we have found. I am proud that there are soldiers, Americans, like you men that risk everything to give strangers on the other side of the world a chance at a better life. Thank you for protecting my rights and the rights my children will one day have. Thank you.

texasbunch said...

Hay! I just wanted to let you guys know that there ARE people back state side that are trying to get the word out about what is really happening in Iraq.The MSM is constantly bombarding us with the negative things that happen, and seldom if ever tell about the good that is being done! I for one, use the internet to accomplish this. I post things from Cent. Com, , and other military sources in an attempt to get the good news out.
I want to personally thank you all for the good that you are doing, and say keep it up! I would love it if some of you guys would send me e-mails telling me of the truth on Iraq, and if you have photos to back up your reports that would be even better! I will post them along with your e-mails on my web site, and call the collection " Letters From the Front!"
Again , we are forever in your debt, and will do all that we can to see that the truth gets out!

BLOGBANK said...

You have no idea how good it is to see a blog that tells a positive message from Iraq!! THANK YOU!!

bethtopaz said...

This is a great blog! Thanks for the truth about Iraq and the progress there. The Old Media (Lamestream Media) has lost so much credibility in the last couple years -- they don't even know it. After the circus and lies they made out of Katrina in New Orleans, I think most people just laugh at them these days. The New Media is here! You guys writing from abroad, conservative talk radio, the blogs on the Internet, etc., etc.

We the people are speaking -- and we the people are listening!

Thanks for all your great and excellent service!! You are our Angels!

Michelle said...

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou! I am the mother of two young boys who may someday choose to enlist or be drafted into our armed forces. With todays negative media on this war, our President and the reason we are in the battle I get very frustrated. Both my fathers and my mother served in the military two in World War Two and one in the Korean war, not to mention several close friends who fought in Vietnam. This war is so different, it isn't just about going in and killing the enemy it's about rebuilding a country! What all of you are doing is changing history. Freedom of speech for women, men and children. You will be the legacy your generation leaves behind. My grandchildren will read books about the liberation of these people and who helped them achieve that remarkable feat. For anyone to assume a country can be changed in a few months, years, is ridiculous! But you my friends will be remembered for centuries! I thank you for myself, for my children and grandchildren! God Bless you!