How do Iraqis feel about their Independence?

Great idea guys. I've only been to the Stan, but was wondering how the Iraqi people feel about their independence? Are you able to tell if the vast majority is excited to live in a free nation of their own, or perhaps most are indifferent? Thanks.

-Sgt Hook

GIGOTTI78- Well Sgt. Hook, that is a great question. I think the citizens of Iraq are starting to understand the benefits of a free society. After all these years of oppression, they actually have a voice now and they are starting to use it. Just look at their latest accomplishment at the polls. Around 65% of the eligible people who could vote on October 15th did. Try getting that number in America, yea right! Also, talking to some of the Iraqis who work on the base and they are loving life. I have heard reports that citizens in the bigger cities are starting to do their own neighborhood watch sort of thing. But instead of calling the police or coalition forces, they just shoot the insurgents themselves! Their is also reports that some of the local insurgents are starting to understand what freedom is and are willing to work for the political process. Like anytime their is drastic change, it takes some time to understand and follow, but I feel the Iraqis are grasping this concept real quick and warming up quick to it.

MR. Matt- Well I was on a convoy up to our current base from Kuwait. I think they are more or less 50-50 at this time. The reason I say this is because along with the friendly waves I received I was also given the finger many times. I really want to give it right back but just smiled and waved. Any how it seams that some individuals are really for it because being here you hear the accounts of the local towns people starting to clean up their towns by stopping the insurgents themselves then turning them into the collation forces. So over all since I've been here most of them are getting used to the independence that they now have and they like it.

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Thanks guys. I imagine only time will tell.