Multiple Questions From Frederick.

Hey, Guys,
One thing that continues to bug me about all this: the news, etc.
continue to call this "The War in Iraq". Didn't The War end really
quickly, back in 2003? Put simply, the former military and government
of Iraq do not exist. That usually means the war is over. This fight
with rebels, terrorists, etc. must be called something else, no? How
do you consider this or is it just semantics, i.e., war is war?
Oops, that's technically a few questions...thanks

curious in NYC,

Frederick Otilius Olsen, Jr.

GIGOTTI78 - Wow, now these are some tough questions Frederick. First off, your right,
technically the war ended rather quickly in 2003. Some would say that our government prematurely
called the war over. BUT, this is still a very hostile combat zone with all the insurgency and
unrest. The way I look at it, it's not the "War in Iraq" we are fighting but the bigger beast,
"The War on Terrorism". We still have troops in Afghanistan fighting the same type of insurgencies
we see here in Iraq, but they dont call it the "War in Afghanistan". I really think the MSM coined
the term War in Iraq due to all the losses we have taken since official battles ended in 2003. So,
to be politically correct, the next time someone mentions the "War in Iraq", tell them to wake up that
its the "War on Terrorism". Let's give all our men and women credit all around the world for once.

MR.Matt - I would have to agree with GIGotti78 on this one. This is also one of the few times that we
will agree on much. Yes the media is still blowing up the whole "war in Iraq" deal. It is more then just
a war on Iraq but a war on terrorism. Right now we are tring to stop the insurgency here in Iraq which
is keeping some of the Iraqi's in a constant state of fear. Being in a constant state of fear is no
way to rebuild ones government. We are kinda like the police officers you don't always see us but you
know were close.


Mark said...

You're absolutely correct! I think the best way to look at it is the way they looked at it in WWII. This is the Iraqi Front of the Global War on Terror, or World War IV.

Great site guys! I'll get you on our blogroll, and get out the word on your site!

AubreyJ said...

Now that's some Hot Q&A men......