Multiple Questions from Maria

First and foremost,thank you for starting Ask the Soldiers. What a great idea! I do have a few questions.

  1. How is the morale of the troops? I am very concern because I feel you have the hardest of jobs being stationed in Iraq. I'm sure it's hard enough being in a war —without feeling the country is becoming divided about it. Are the troops affected by what is going on back home, or do they pretty much ignore it? (And does this count as one, or two questions? LOL)
  2. What is the attitude of the Iraqi people towards Americans? Is the press being honest in reporting that most hate us or do you see it differently? Is it more of a 50-50? Do Iraqis seem to appreciate what we are trying to do? Do they support our efforts? (Did I go over my quota of questions?)
  3. Are you getting all the supplies you need? Sometimes I hear about soldiers requesting batteries for flashlights, and gloves for the winter. It is very concerning; because I would think the military would provide you with needed items. Are you being kept well equipped? (That's my last question promise!)

Again, thanks for doing this. God bless you and keep you safe!

Maria I would link you but you didn't leave a site.

Mr. Matt

1. The morale of the troops as always fluctuates. It always depends on the individuals mood or feelings for that day. Everyone knows what is going on at home and it is hard to ignore it at times because we know that we have lives there and we also worry about our loved ones.

2. I'm putting a link in here that relates to your questionearliereariler question GIGotti78 and I have already answered. I hope you don't mind. http://askthesoldiers.blogspot.com/2005/11/Iraqi's-iraqis-feel-about-their.html

3. Where we are we do get the supplies that we need. We can get batteries for most electronic items that we have and we have been issued gloves. They are not the best gloves but they do the trick. 9 times out of 10 the military does provide us with everything we need. The other times it's on us. Like if you need SPECIAL batteries for your flashlight that's on you due to the fact that no one told purchaseurchace a $90 lantern.


1. I will have to agree with Mr. Matt. Morale fluctuates constantly. Alot of how soldiers feel depends on different factors like, what the mission is at hand, the time of the year, how much rest and food they are getting etc. Now, dont take the food thing wrong, their are always MRE's
(Meals Ready to Eat) that you can take on patrol but if you eat enough of them, you would rather eat sand with tabasco sauce on it. The most depressing time that brings morale down is the holidays. That is always the HARDEST time to be gone and I dont care who you are. Being home during the holidays is something everyone wants but unfortunately, not everyone can. That is why you see that movie stars and musicians come over and do little shows, it helps boost the morale. I'm still hoping that Toby Keith comes over while Im here or I will have low morale. (You hear that Toby? your biggest fan is in Iraq so come over and do a show!)
2. Like anywhere you go, not everyone is going to like you. For the most part, the Iraqi people are starting to realize what freedom is and as they warm up to it, they help us fight the insurgency. So, I would say the Iraqi people for the most part appreciate what we have done for them and are doing for them. Nothing like the liberation of Europe, but yes, the MSM askew everything so dont watch TV!
3. This is a very good question. When we first invaded (lack of better word) Iraq, we had to set up bases for our soldiers to conduct missions out of. In the beginning, it was very difficult for soldiers to get alot of the supplies they needed. But, after 2 years of being here, the military has set up their networks, so it is alot easier for soldiers to get the essentials and then some. For instance, on our base, we have a PX (that is the store) has computers for sale. Now, their are some soldiers who still dont have all these luxuries, but for the most part, we are all well taken care of since we have more semi-permanent residences.


ladydaria said...

Just curious, WHO are the soldiers and where is your info coming from. I have a son in Iraq right now, just curious before I start asking questions. Thanks in advance.

The Soldiers said...

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