Gigotti78- Let me be the first to welcome you to the truth. I say truth because through this blog I will try to convey to you, the blogosphere, the truth of what is going on with the War in Iraq. I have seen all too often the uninformed slamming everything and everyone from the President right on down to the lowest private. Now, I will not defend the President on every topic because this is a free country and I have a voice. With my voice, I will attempt to answer any question you may have regarding these tough times whether it be about what we are doing over here, what do we want to accomplish, or simply what its like over here. So come one, ask a question. You may be amazed at the answer you get from me. I can't say the same from my partner Mr. Matt.

Mr. Matt- Okay, I'll be the second to welcome you. By letting you know that I will answer mostly all of the questions asked to us the soldiers fighting here in the war in Iraq. I son't defend anyone I just speak my mind as I feel that I should if I think a topic is correct I'll defend it. The topic may be the president, my self, or the waste of bullets being used here. So as my partner Gigotti78 is motioning to you to ask a question do so e-mail it in to us and we'll post your question and answer the question the best we can. His answers you might be amazed mine you just might be appauled or visa versa.


Anonymous said...

Great idea guys. I've only been to the Stan, but was wondering how the Iraqi people feel about their independence? Are you able to tell if the vast majority is excited to live in a free nation of their own, or perhaps most are indifferent? Thanks.
-Sgt Hook


The Soldiers said...

We will be answering your question soon SGT.

c said...

Who have you seen slam "the lowest private"? Even once? I don't recall any derogatory comments about any of our troops. I and everyone I know appreciate your willingness to serve your country. Thank you.

The only slamming I've seen is of the administration who started this mess and contractors (mercenaries) who have used the occasion for personal gain.